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About Us

GEAR UP is a federally funded grant initiative that provides students with the skills, access, preparation and information needed to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. In Lafayette, GEAR UP works collaboratively with LPSS, higher education, and business partners to provide resources to students and parents in order to prepare and motivate students to achieve beyond their current expectations.

Our Objectives

  • Increase the academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education for GEAR UP students.
  • Increase the rate of high school graduation and participation in post-secondary education for GEAR UP students.
  • Increase GEAR UP educational expectations and knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation and financing.

Who We Impact
A cohort of approximately 2,000 students from several Lafayette Parish schools began this early college intervention initiative in 2008 with the award of our first GEAR UP grant. LPSS was awarded a second grant in September of 2014. The new cohort will be comprised of another group of sixth and seventh graders from six LPSS middle schools. These students will be able to participate in the GEAR UP program throughout their middle schools years and will continue to have a relationship with GEAR UP through their high school years. Our 2008 cohort will culminate in May 2015 with the graduation of our second senior class.

Why Do We Need GEAR UP?

  • Of every 100 Louisiana 9th graders, only 56 graduate from high school
  • 33 of those 56 enter college
  • 12 of those 33 graduate within 6 years
  • Of those 12, only 2 are low-income students
  • By closing the participation gap, the number of Louisiana students age 18 and older enrolled in college would grow 71% in 15 years
(Education Commission of the States, 2003)